Without water

have we planned to live without water? drinking water is getting evicted, people are dependent on cold drink, juice etc. Why to bath? When deos are there…..right . We Hunan beings have habit of finding an alternative…let’s find an alternative for saving climate, saving 🌊🌊🌊🌊

Save climate

save climate… save water..save life….it’s very important for us to contribute towards climate change otherwise it will effect our natural resources and they will diminish very soon, the way temperature is increasing and glacier melting we will be soon under water n our future generations wil not get πŸ’¦ to drink even.

Save water 🌊🌊

Why we are wasting so much of water, tap is running while wash hands, dishes etc. We sre wasting and blaming government for not providing adequate and clean drinking water, when we will grow ho and realise our responsibility. Let’s take a pledge to contribute in every manner possible to save our natural resources


A highly exuberant and scintillating was held in the school premises of JKG International School Vijay Nagar Ghaziabad on 25th JANUARY 2020 with great enthusiasm and a lot of fun and frolic. The event was inaugurated by the president of school society, Mrs Usha Gaur,school Director, Dr Karun Kumar Gaur and Principal of the school….

Blogging Mini Competition 2019

Question: Describe how your business is benefitting the community and the environment? Answer: 4 years back when the school decided to take part in School Enterprise Challenge, school had multiple options to consider for starting a new business venture. Out of various choices we opted for nursery business,considering the sustainable goals. The theme of our…

NEST-A Home For Plants

The students of NEST-A Home For Plants placed a stall in the school campus on occasion of PTM i.e 7th Dec’2019. The young entrepreneurs catched the attention of all the visitors. Their efforts were appreciated by all.

Enhancing Entrepreneurial Skills

Enhancing entrepreneurial skills, students of NEST- A Home For Plants organised a stall on the day of PTM i.e, 19th October’2019 in which they sold out saplings and jewellery to parents and students. The efforts were appreciated by all.

Investiture Ceremony

Students of NEST Team placed a stall on the occasion of Investiture ceremony and PTM. Team’s morale was on all time high with affirmative reactions from parents and other visitors.

Occasion of First PTM

The budding entrepreneurs of β€˜NEST- A Home For Plants’ accumulated a good collection from their stall with their influential marketing skills on the occasion of first PTM of the session 2019-20 held on 18th May’2019.There was an overwhelming response from the parents as they appreciated the efforts put by our NEST Marketing Team.

Earth Day

22nd April, Earth Day is all about appreciating the uniqueness of our planet Earth, while at the same time educating us about what we have and what we are losing by acting in the ways that aren’t environment friendly.A special morning assembly marked the day wherein a small skit was presented on stage by our…

NEST is truly a standout venture

NEST is truly a standout venture that highlights students lead on the journey of learning. Once again it was time to see satisfaction being exuded by happy customers at the stall being organised on 16 & 18 March ‘2019 on the occasion of Annual Result declaration. Here’s a sneak peek of the day.