Trees and plants are the best healer of the “Mother Earth”

  Taking the onus to spread awareness about a safer and healthier learning environment the Nest team of J.K.G Senior Secondary observed another activity by the junior members of the team Nest. These little members are the most important part of our upcoming global leaders, in whose little hands is our future earth. They are…

Importance of plants in our life

We JKGIANS, take a oath to make our planet free from the shackles of global warming and pollution. The only way to impede the after effects of these evils is to grow more plants. It’s an alarming situation where we need to develop awareness about the importance of plants in our life.  

Blossom with boom of ‘Go Green’

“NEST” The Small Green world of JKG is the place where  plant and saplings are given great importance to grow in full health. Here we treat saplings and plants as our small kids who require love and care to blossom with boom of ‘Go Green’.

Our mother earth with blanket of green plants

Green is the colour of  Nature, we jkgians believe to cover our mother earth with  blanket of green plants, so as to get pollution free breeze all around us. Our motto is to get smiling green face of our mother earth.  

Spreading awareness of ‘Go Green’

Spreading awareness of ‘Go Green’ our ‘Nest’ team had organized slogan writing activity in the school nursery. We jkgians believe that our environment is very important part of our life. Our motto is to take all step to save our mother earth from the evils of pollution. The only way to erase the after effects…